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After 12 years running the 4Art Inc Gallery in January 2016 the gallery transitioned into 4Art Space. Owner/director, Robin Monique Rios, created a space where artists can continue to strive and show their work but now as a collective where each artist is their own proprietor. 4Art Space is located on the 4th floor of the Zhou B Art Center. Together they prepare for 3rd Fridays as well as collaborating on fun interactive events throughout the year. STAY TUNED!

For over a decade Robin Monique Rios has made a lasting mark on Chicago's art scene. Her unwavering and passionate dedication to fine art has garnered local and national press for the gallery and Robin is proud of the reputation she has built throughout the twelve years in the gallery business. Now, with that accumulated knowledge and experience, she is ready to dedicate more time to advancing her own artistic career. Robin plans to continue mentoring as it has always been a vital part of her mission and one that will never be set aside. This change in 2016 will give Robin more time to dedicate toward building her own body of work, as well as allowing her the opportunity to exhibit her work to a broader audience.   

JOIN US!!  4Art SPACE 1029 W. 35TH ST. Chicago,  4th floor of the Zhou B Art Center, in the heart of Bridgeport in Chicago, Illinois.  The Entire building celebrates Open Studio's on the 3rd Friday of every month from 6pm-10pm.